Piano Adoptions is a company that offers you the opportunity to list, sell, donate, buy, move or store your piano. We take care of all your piano moving and storage needs and take the time to ensure that when it gets to its new location, your piano is in the exact same condition it was when we picked it up. Our website portal facilitates the exchange, movement, and sales of pianos. Our affordable, quick and easy services are the best in their class within the New York Metro Area. Some of the services we offer are:


There’s a reason pianos are left standing unused in people’s homes for decades. It’s because they’re massive and heavy! Thankfully, we offer moving and storage services for your benefit. If you have a piano you no longer need, are selling, or simply want to be moved to a new location, we are your number one choice for relocation services. We aim to facilitate the movement of pianos throughout the region. Give us a call today to have your piano moved in no time.


If you have a piano you want to sell or give away, you can create a listing on our website detailing your piano’s location, condition, price and other relevant information. This will allow others to easily see the listing, and take the piano off your hands. If you need the piano to be moved to or from a location, take advantage of our moving services.


List your piano for donation on our website or select an organization to donate it to, and we will move it for you. Remember that you can always call local organizations to check if they would want a donated piano. Feel free to list your donation on our site, stating that you want it to go to a charity, school, church or any other organization you can think of.


If you’re looking for an older, cheap piano to practice on, for parts, for repairs etc. you can browse through our listings for free pianos ready for adoption. Many people are looking to get rid of an old, out of tune piano which can be restored by a technician. Our piano portal can facilitate the exchange of information and old, unwanted instruments.


If you’re looking for a decent piano, browse through our portal for listings of older, good condition pianos. Often times, you will be able to find good quality products listed only because people move, have no room for their piano and want to find a good home for it for a low price.

If you have a piano you want to move, donate, sell or buy, you’re in the right spot. Piano Adoptions offers exactly what our name suggests, and more. We are your best bet for reputable piano moving within the New York Metro region. If you have any more questions regarding our services, feel free to browse our website or give us a call at 718-376-8844. We are located at 351 Walker St, 3rd Fl New York, NY. Visit our website.


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